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Henry D. Moore 
Charity Fund

Henry D. Moore was a Haddonfield resident, freemason, and both a member and one of the earliest significant benefactors of the lodge.

Brother Moore personally donated the land, and most of the funds, to build both the Presbyterian Church and the Masonic Temple adjacent to one another on Kings Highway. If you’ve ever wondered why the church and the temple share a driveway, that is the reason. We have named our general charity fund in his honor.


The Henry D. Moore Charity Fund is not a 501(c)(3) fund, and donations to it are not tax deductible. The reason we have structured the fund in this manner is that it enables us to fund individuals, organizations, and other causes that may not qualify for receiving assistance from 501(c)(3) benefactors. Much of what Masons do in the name of supporting worthy causes falls into this area.


If you wish to support our general assistance to the community at large, please consider a donation by clicking the donation button below.

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