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To live and promote the principal tenets of Freemasonry – Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth – in ourselves and others, by establishing and maintaining a vital, productive, and financially sound Masonic Lodge, whose members participate willingly and actively due to the enlightened nature of Masonic ideals and the superior quality of the Lodge's activities – educational, social, civic, and charitable. 

Strategic Framework

Attract & Educate

We will attract, nurture, and retain worthy brethren and their families, from Masonic birth to death. Serving as living examples and ambassadors of Freemasonry, we provide programs & activities that shed Masonic light, continuing education, social intercourse, civic fulfillment, and, when necessary, fraternal relief. 

Build Our Lodge

We will provide a comfortable, attractive, accessible, user-friendly haven to serve as the focal point for Masonic, social, and community activities & functions.

Promote Masonic Charity

We will contribute to charitable endeavors,
both Masonic and in the community, with our time, facilities, and resources, so
far as our ability to give
will permit.

Fulfill Civic Responsibilities

We will serve our local communities to the best of our ability, not only wherever and whenever called upon, but also proactively.

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